MON - SAT 8am - 9pm; SUN 8am - 3pm
1902 East 8th Street, Duluth MN 55812

Our emails use the following format: firstname.lastname@astccc.net (no spaces)

Here is a list of the people you might want reach:
Barbara Neubert, partner…..barbara.neubert@astccc.net

     Don’t send general café inquiries, remarks and proposals to Barb

Carla Blumberg, partner…..carla.blumberg@astccc.net
Carey Kasapidis, front of house manager…..carey.kasapidis@astccc.net
Jillian Forte, executive chef…..jillian.forte@astccc.net
Shari Bradt, bookkeeper…..shari.bradt@astccc.net
Amanda Kral, graphic designer…..amanda.kral@astccc.net

MON - SAT 8am - 9pm; SUN 8am - 3pm
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